What It Feels Like

Summer came and went,
And now it’s gone,
The leaves are falling down it’s like,
Everyone but me,
Is moving on,
But I don’t wanna say goodbye to the time that we had,
Now it’s a photograph at night,

Finally understand,


What it feels like when it ends,
When she slips through your hands,
The second you find out that it’s over,
And that you’ll never get to hold her,
Cos she’s gone,
And you can’t fix what’s been torn,
And you just keep on getting colder inside,
Now I know what it feels like,

I was always on the outside looking in,
Standing on the sidelines,
Here she found a way under my skin,
I thought that it was magical,
But it changed with the word,
Until you lose the one you want,
You’ll never know how much it hurts,


Now I know what it feels like when she’s with someone else,
And you’re drowning so fast in regret,
And it feel just like you’re frozen inside,

Now, I can say,
I understand,

[kertosäe x2]

Oh I know, yeah.



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