Never Better

Sooner or later,
You’re gonna find out,

I guess you could say that,
I’ve turned the lights out,

You made the flowers,
But I re-arranged them all,

Now I’ve got the power,
So I’m gonna watch us fall,

Changing the locks on the door,
Leaving all of the stuff on the floor,
Maybe I should be asking myself if I’m okay,


But I’m alright,
Never better,
If you could see me now,
Yeah, I’m okay,
Never better,
I’ve blown away the clouds,

You tell me it’s over,
And I’d even listen,

We were going nowhere,
So what am I missin’?

I’ve never been one for mystery,

So I’m brushing my shoulders,
And blowing you kisses,

Over and over again,
Got people asking if I’m on the edge,
But the truth is I feel like I’m born again,


Oh oh oh oh

So much better than I’ve been before,
I don’t miss your kiss no more,
So much better than I’ve been before,
I won’t miss your kiss no more,


Never better,
I’m never better,



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