How Did You Know

You said,
I’d be back here standing,
At your doorstep,
Well, here I am,
In the middle of night,
Saying I was wrong,
Saying you were right,

You called it,
Like you saw it,
Knew what I wanted,
But I still fought it,
Well, here I am,
I couldn’t stay gone,
And there’s that smile,
Seems that didn’t take long,


How did you know that I,
I wouldn’t last a minute,
That I would be so lost without you,
That this life,
Wouldn’t mean a thing without you in it,
And I’d come running back to you,
How did you know?
How did you know?

I thought that it would be so easy,
To keep on driving and not look back,
Or turn around,
I made up my mind,
Had it all figured out,

[kertosäe x3]

Yeah, how did you know?




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