Happens in the dark

Ensikuuntelussa Happens in the dark (Young Love-albumilla!) Mitä mieltä olet tästä kappaleesta? ;-)


Can’t let you go. Walk out the door. Can’t hold you out, when I want more.

When I am down, you make it right. When I am stupid, you’re taking my sight.

And when I cry, you make me smile. When I am crazy and out of my mind.

You hold me tight, won’t let me go. Oh baby, this time I know for sure.

This is tonight, it’s tonight, it’s tonight, it’s for real.

Can you tell what I’m thinking? See what I’m seeing?

Feel my pulse yeah, beating so hard.

Cause what happens tonight, girl, happens in the dark.

It’s tonight, it’s tonight, it’s tonight can’t you see.

Turn the lights out, it’s just you and me. Feel my pulse yeah, beating so hard.

What happens tonight, girl, happens in the dark.

What’s your number ja Young Love sanat oikealla :)


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