The Irish Independent reports today that Nick Jarl from Sweden has written Jedward’s Eurosong entry for this year. The song’s title is Waterline and will be premiered on Thursday (February 9th) during the Mooney show on RTE radio.

Ireland will be selecting its Eurovision representative on February 24th when a special edition of The Late Late Show : A Eurosong Special will take place in Dublin. Five acts will be competing for the Irish ticket to Baku.

Jedward is without a doubt the most famous act taking part in the national selection of this year. The twins will perform a song written by Nick Jarl from Sweden and called Waterline which is a metaphor for ’falling in love’.

”Waterline is a fantastic European pop song. Nick uses the word waterline as a metaphor for falling in love, and this will be his first time in Eurovision, if we make it”  , says former Eurovision winner and Jedward’s mentor Linda Martin. She adds : ”Nothing is a given. Jedward and I know that we are up against five good songs from five great singers. It’s a five-horse race”.

Ireland will compete in the second half of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.




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