”We love our fans!”

Jedward fans are the Best |  They Travel all around the world just be closer! |  Jepic fans that know loads of other fans and find new friends | You always are there 4 each other and look out for one another | You all got over your Facebook addictions and now are on Twitter 24/7 instead! | You all say cool everyday and we do too! Everyday cool superstars!  | You have More followers and You follow more People being a Jedicated fan | Frozen Bananas are a fruity version of ice cream Now | Looking like Ghosts is cool and not getting sunburned is cool | We are like Rolemodels just like Rolls of tissue always there to dry up tears! | You become Creative and Do stuff that is different being a Awesome fan! | You get to do all these cool pics with us! ( Twilight! Kiss Titanic Heart etc.) | You are no scared of anything you are the Light and the Night lights that shine over the world! | You always change your profile pics with John or Edward or Jedward | Eurovision is all about you guys coming together and showing your power as fans! | We accept you the way you are! | We are Thankful for EVERY fan and Fan Present!

Jedward kirjoitti Twitteriinsä rakastavansa fanejaan! He mainitsivat ihanasti muun muassa että he hyväksyvät fanit minkälaisina vain ja ovat kiitollisia jokaisesta fanista ja fanilahjasta.


18 päivää!!



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